Wedding Day Package

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You've planned every detail of your wedding: found your something blue, mastered your makeup look, and even nailed down all of your bridesmaids' hairstyles. But have you thought about your spray tan ? Wearing white can draw the colour from your face and picking the right spray tan to match your skin tone and make you look naturally golden brown is vitally important in your wedding plans. The last thing you want is for something like a spray-tan mishap — such as a cheap bronze formula smeared on your dream white dress — distracting you from the magic of your big day. Like anything in life, you pay for what you get, the cheaper the tan the cheaper the product is that's being used.  Contour Tanning use only professional St Tropez products the UK's leading brand in tanning. We offer a discounted trial price for all the bridal party, giving you the chance to make a decision before confirming the booking for your wedding day and any other pre celebrations, such as your hen party. Knowing how important this day is going to be for you, means it's very important to me too. Being professional, arriving on time and meeting your specific needs and those of your bridal party is what Contour Tanning aims to do. Should you have more specific requirements for your wedding package, please do not hesistate to contact me.


Wedding trial price £15 per person  ( confirm wedding booking at the same time as booking trial  )

Hen Party £23 per person ( 5+ bookings = 6th tan free to the Bride or Groom )

Wedding Day £23 per person ( 5 + bookings = 6th tan free to the Bride or Groom )

Terms & Conditions

wedding trial price does not stand unless the booking for the wedding is confirmed at the same time.

No other Contour Tanning offers or promotions to run in conjunction with the wedding package.